Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Celebrating the New Year in Tyumen was quite entertaining. Kyle and I debated about trying to go somewhere either to visit friends or to explore somewhere new just the two of us. Ultimately we decided that we would stay in Tyumen and celebrate here. We cooked an awesome dinner and watched movies until midnight. We popped open a bottle of Russian champagne (we decided that we should try it since we are here and everyone leaving the grocery store for the last week had at least one bottle in their basket) sat in the window sill overlooking an open area outside my apartment building and watched people set off their own fireworks for the better part of an hour. We talked with both our families and reflected on what a good year 2013 was. New jobs for both of my brothers and  me, I made the National Team this summer, lots of traveling for Kyle and me as usual, getting to celebrate an early Christmas with my family and my in-laws, Kyle and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary and my parents celebrated their 30th. I could go on and on but ultimately Kyle and I are very thankful for how blessed we were in 2013 and we enjoyed reflecting on it.

The last time that I posted I was headed home for the first Anderson/Newcombe Christmas where we would be all together. Even though it was early in December it was so wonderful to have everyone in the same place. Jane and Greg (kyle's parents) came in from Fort Collins, CO, his sister Lauren came in from Seattle, WA, Eric came from Williams, AZ, Chad from Palm Desert, CA and I made it from Moscow, Russia. The reunion in Lake Arrowhead was great! We had a fresh snow on the ground when I arrived which made it seem even more like Christmas time. My mom had the house all decorated and we all exchanged gifts in a secret santa fashion that was organized by Kyle via email since we were literally all over the place before we met together. I enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my family in the morning, up at the crack of dawn sitting around the kitchen with a cup of fresh brewed coffee laughing and sharing stories. I also cherish the times that we all got to sit around the table and eat together, the Sunday brunch that we had at Grandma and Grandpa's house and the annual gingerbread houses.

Oh the gingerbread houses, its always lots of fun. It had become quite the family tradition to build gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and all of the other candies you can imagine. You don't have to build a house but you must stay within the cardboard platform that you are given. This year we had a train, football stadium, log cabin, country club, castle, barn, log cabin and a windmill! Check out the pictures below. I think this year was one of the best years yet.

The other great thing about going home is that I got to first see Kyle and second it meant that when I returned to Tyumen he would be coming with me! Yahooooooo! Don't get me wrong I like a little alone time myself but playing in Russia was meant to be done with a significant other by your side. Ever since being back I have thoroughly enjoyed having my exploring buddy, cooking partner and best friend around 24/7.  His visa came 2 days before we were supposed to leave for Tyumen and I am so thankful that it did. Lesson learned, getting a visa to Russia is NOT easy or fast.

Since being back we haven't had any games but we have had lots of practice. This is ok for me since I had been out for quite a while with my ankle issue. When I was home I got new orthotics , x-rays and was diagnosed with tendonitis from overuse. Good thing was I was able to see my pediatrist and he said that the bone spurs and calcifications were totally normal and nothing to worry about. So with lots of rest behind me I started practicing again and wearing my new orthotics which seems to be really helping. For those of you that know me well I have serious foot issues so new orthotics are making a big difference oh and I was wearing shoes that were about a half size too small. So with all of those changes I am doing well and have been back at practice for almost 3 weeks now.

We have a game coming up this Wednesday at home. It will be the first game that Kyle gets to see me play in, in Russian League in person! We have a bit of a packed schedule coming up, on Thursday after Wednesdays game we leave for Ulan Ude, never heard of it, me either but its close to Mongolia and my teammates said that it is an "exotic" location that should be nothing short of an adventure. We play Saturday and then turn around and come back home to Tyumen. We have a short week of practice and then play again the following Sunday. If we come out of these next two weeks with 3 wins I'll be one happy girl.

Hope this finds you sticking to your New Years Resolutions! Cheers to 2014!!!

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  1. Kyle has updated me on your latest thriller, yet I just had to comment on your post: those kinda Xmas' are going to mean so much later: loving the graham cracker projects! A TUFF Fall has become a SPECIAL Winter, and all in God's time. FYI: tomorrow marks another sober anniversary for me. When faced with less than optimal and also when things couldn't seem any better, I'm granted one day; each is a gift. Within each gift are opportunities and choices. An old-timer / "California Milt" always said: "Grab hold of the blanket; you're in for a helluva ride." I am very curious about Ulan Ude. Take lotsa pics.